How may we help you?

How Can I Get My Certificate?

The E-Certificate and Printed Certificate are available Free of Charge for selected courses* The E-Certificate can be downloaded at the successful completion of the course. The Printed Certificate is available upon payment of postal charges. 

How Do I Know If I’ve Completed The Final Exam?

In order to complete the final exam, you have to click ‘next’ on all modules leading up to the final exam. Each module will have a click option to complete and move on to the next module. Once you complete the final module, you must click on the ‘finish course’ option.

Can I Print The Study Materials?

Yes, you may print selected study materials.

I Would Like To Know The Duration Of The Final Exam?

The duration of the final exam will be 30 minutes consisting of 25 questions. Note: This can be varied to some of the courses 

I Have Placed An Order For A Course But I’m Not Able To View Or Start It. I Would Appreciate Help In This Regard.

Once you have made the payment, you will receive your login details via email within 48 hours.

I Have Submitted An Assignment But Haven’t Heard Anything Back As Yet?

The tutor will be forwarding your assignment to the Awarding Body and you will receive your results within the next two weeks.

I Wish To Change My Email Account As My Previous Email Is No Longer Valid?

You cannot change the login email once the account has been created. However, I could change the reference email if required. This is because the login is already created and in order to change the login details we need to recreate a new account for you.

Is IAP A Widely Recognised Qualification?

Yes, it is well recognised awarding body in the United Kingdom.

I Wish To Know How To Do The Mock Exam?

The mock exam is in multiple-choice format and can be taken up to 3 times free.

Can I Pause My Final Exam?

No, you cannot pause the final exam once you have started it.

Can I Get A Further Discount?

We have offered the maximum discount on this course. If you wish to enrol several learners, we will try and get you a corporate discount. 

How Many Months Can I Take To Complete This Course?

This depends on the particular course you wish to take. Each course has a number of guided learning hours that must be met to complete it.

Is This Certificate Offered By The Official Awarding Body?

Yes, our courses are accredited by an official Awarding Body and will carry its affiliation on the course Certificate.

What Are The Entry Requirements To Take The Course?

This depends on your choice of course.  There are a set of requirements a learner must meet to take some of the courses.  However, most  courses require only basic knowledge of the English language. 

How Soon Can I Complete The Course?

You can complete this course at your own convenience within the given 1 year.

How Soon Can I Get Started?

You will receive the login details right away, however, we ensure that learners receive their details within 48 hours.

Are There Any Postal Charges For The Certificate?

Yes. The postal fee for the Printed Certificate will cost students in the UK £8.99 (UK), students outside of the UK, £14.99 (International) and for students in the Middle East £39.99  as (DHL) charges, for selected courses*

What Are The Technology Requirements To Take An Online Course With NLA?

All you need is a hand-held device, PC/laptop, tablet or phone.

Is Financial Aid Available For Your Courses?

There is no financial aid available for these courses.

What Methods Will Be Used To Teach My Online Course?

Text materials and video materials are used to teach the online course.

How Will I Be assessed?

You will be assessed, depending on the course, through a multiple choice question test, or, through a series of written assignments. 

Can I Take The Final Exam Before Completing The Course?

 In order to take the final exam, you must complete the entire course.