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  • 1) Your Card remains the property of the Next Learn Academy and must be returned when you suspend, withdraw from, or complete your course(s) at Infinity or your enrolment is terminated by the Next Learn Academy.
  • 2) The main objective of this student ID card is to verify that you are a student of Next Learn Academy
  • 3) Your Card is not transferable.
  • 4) You are responsible for use of your Card at all times.
  • 5) Offers you can claim depends on various circumstances and Next Learn Academy is not responsible for benefits you can gain using your Student ID.
  • 6) Next Learn Academy does not have any exclusive ties with any third-party entities currently.
  • 7) You must keep your Card secure.
    • a) You must not give your Card to another person to use.
    • b) You must keep all personal and account details relating to your Card secure, and user name and account login details.
    • c) You should not bend or deface your Card or expose it to extreme heat.
  • 8) If your Card is lost, stolen or damaged:
    • a) You should report this immediately to Student Administration Services.
    • b) You can request a replacement Card for a fee. For details go to Student ID Cards.
  • 9) Next Learn Academy may collect and use information relating to your use of your Card. Any personal information will be handled by Next Learn Academy in accordance with the General Privacy Notice for Students.
  • 10) Next Learn Academy is not responsible for any unauthorised use of your Card or for any loss arising from your failure to comply with these terms and conditions.